Fine art has outperformed other asset classes over the last 20 years

Strong historical performance has proven that the art market can deliver impressive price appreciation in the long-term. Particularly the leading Artprice 100® Index has seen an annual price appreciation rate of 8.9%, compared to 3.4% for the S&P 500.

Source: Artprice 100®
Little to no correlation between fine art and traditional asset classes

Economic research concludes that there is a relative lack of correlaction between art prices and other asset classes and economic downturns. As a result, financial analysts have found that adding fine art to a diverse portfolio decreases the amount of risk.

Source: Management Science Journal
Higher total annual returns and reduced risk through diversification

Beyond the more traditional collector, a growing number of investors have recognized that fine art is a profitable way to diversify their portfolio. Especially its lacking sensitivity to market fluctuations and superior performance speak for its attractiveness as an investment.

Source: Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University



We conduct independent research and source artworks proactively through our extensive global network of fine art collectors, cultural institutions and art experts.



We conduct provenance research in accordance with the Provenance Guide from the International Foundation for Art Research and authenticate items with leading industry experts.



Purchased items are stored in dedicated fine art storage facilities around the world, built to the highest industry standards and secured by state of the art security systems.



Upon request, exclusive inspection facilities are available to discretely and safely view and inspect artworks within the safe environment of the partnering fine art storage facilities.

Customized solutions for
high quality investments

We advise on art investment opportunities that focus on capital appreciation through trading in the art market.

Our tailored solutions include valuations, market research, strategic art buying and selling, and collection management. Driven by our goal to generate long-term growth, we invest in unique quality artworks and short-term co-investment opportunities. The sourcing and research of our investments is supported by our global network of art experts, collectors and cultural institutions.

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