Stability through high quality investments
The smarter way to invest

Operating globally, our investment and property management experience allows us to make well-informed, successful decisions to maximise unique development opportunities in acquisition and build multi-asset portfolios.

Independent Research

We source our potential investments proactively through extensive research and a network of local industry experts, private asset managers and entrepreneurs.

Multi-Asset Portfolio

Our acquisitions focus on a blend of premium residential properties, unique quality artworks and short-term co-investment opportunities.

Timeless values
Fine Art

The fine art market is a reliable store of value, having historically outperformed other asset classes and largely lacking correlations to other asset classes. Globally, it is a 1.6 trillion US$ market and projected to double in the next 10 years.

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Solid foundations
Real Estate

With easing real estate regulations to facilitate rapid urbanization, rising per capita income, and growing populations the scope and potential for the global real estate market will further increase in the coming years.

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What we do
Our Expertise
Research & Sourcing

Independent research and evaluation of investments, properties and artworks.

Acquisition & Development

Strategic negotiation and development management to maximize growth potential.

Wealth Management

Customized solutions based on portfolio size, desired risk level and performance targets.

Individual investment solutions
Bespoke Services

With more than 20 years of experience in fine art and real estate investment, we build on our core competencies and a global network to provide customized investment opportunities that can be tailored to different investment goals and desired asset categories.